This type of subject normally leads to New Year’s Resolution talk. I do not put too much emphasis on these goals people talk about in January. They seem to be areas that need improvement but won’t get it this way.

My feeling about changing any part of your life will happen when you are ready and not a moment sooner. Also, a person’s attitude directly affects  the mental approach to any situation. Negative thoughts will not produce any positive results. One has to have a positive mental outlook for any life changing situation to be of benefit to them.

Now, goal making is another story. There is incentive to succeed when there are goals set and you can see yourself moving towards a certain level. It is a good idea to set short and long term goals to keep the momentum moving forward. It also been said that setting a long term goal that seems unattainable will keep your subconscious motivated.

My best advice is to do what feels best and always keep it positive.

I would appreciate any comments. What are your goals?

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