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What do Webinars Really Bring?

This post again is not about my primary topic of IM product reviews. However, this has been on my mind for sometime and I wanted to air it out.

My question is…Do Webinars really provide a service for their audience? When I attend a webinar I expect to learn something I did not know or have it explained in a different manner.

Now, having attended many webinars, I find they can be classified in three distinct categories.

1. Short, about 1 hour.  Free, that usually means minimal content.  Pitch at the end, reasonable.

2. Longer, about 1-2 hours.  Fee, that usually means more bio info from presenters.  Pitch at the end $$ more costly and can be a membership style.

3. Very long, about 2-3 hours. Fee, very expensive, usually means lots of talk and filler. Pitch at the end $$$ very expensive.

I have attended many 1 and 2 style webinars but not style 3 because of 1 and 2. I will explain that. I feel that most previous webinars were presented solely as a lead in to their pitch. For that reason I feel that style 3 would be no better, just longer.

So, that being said, do you think you are getting your just worth from webinars you have attended?

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