Readers of this blog are used to seeing reviews of marketing products. Well, I am taking a detour based on some local news that has me hot and bothered.

BART to San Jose

Now the big news is BART is finally coming to San Jose. Let’s look at this for a moment.

Contra Costa County has been paying into the Bart Tax since its inception. My math says that is over forty years. Well, part of the plan was to widen Hwy 4 and have BART extend to Antioch.

The widening started, Bart extended to Pittsburg, then….STOP!  BART needs to go to SFO first. So….widening of Hwy 4 stopped. The result was moving the bottle neck a little further east, but not much of an improvement.

Now, with the airport BART build working, it must be time to continue in Contra Costa with their BART extension. The residents thought so, but wait….another brain storm. San Jose deserves it more even though they did not pay into the tax fund. That’s OK, cause they will pay cash.

The East Bay knows where this went. The widening again started after a long shutdown and the BART planners decided all the extension had to be was just a little eBart shuttle that would maybe be completed by 2015. Paying into that tax for so long will not give the residents what they deserve.

I live in the SF East Bay and have seen this all unravel from the beginning. I believe the County deserves far better than this and should make more noise that it has.

Meanwhile, this sad saga continues. I don’t have much faith in that 2015 date. However, all we can do is wait and see.

Thanks for letting me rant off subject. I will be back soon with more relevant content.


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