Twitter has become the number one social media platform, in my opinion. Why? Well it is fast, does not have as many rules and has a multitude of uses.

One thing Twitter users want is more people to follow.  So, how do you get people to follow that all have similar interests as you? Good question, eh?

What I use is a Software Product called Tweetadder. This amazing product literally does it all. It allows you to follow tweeps with your interests, ideas, language and so much more. How is this done? Well, they have automated search features that allow you to find people using keywords that you choose, putting you in total charge.

Not only that, but they have automated “following” and have a device to “unfollow” folks who don’t follow back. As far as I am concerned, this is the only Twitter tool that I need. I use this tool all the time and recommend it.  Follow this link for a complete explanation of all the features of this product.

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    6 replies to "The Perfect Twitter Tool"

    • Ann

      Hi Ray,
      First, I would like to tell you how much I like your site. It is so clean looking and I love the mechanics of it, as well. Now, you are so right about Twittertadder, it does it all. Sort of alike calling in a maid to tidy up. Thanks

      • Ray

        Thank you so much for the kind words. I review only those products I feel
        provide a real useful purpose and are worth the investment. And I will continue to
        do so.


    • Konrad Sanders

      Tweet Adder sounds great. Are there any other Social Media automation tools (especially Twitter) which you suggest? Because currently, it’s eating up too much of my time!

      • Ray

        I have been using Tweet Adder for along time and it is the best tool
        for doing anything on Twitter. It probably is 3 or 4 tools in one.
        There are others, but you need to keep going back and forth. I really
        recommend this tool as the best over all. Read the sales page for details.

    • Russ Stewart

      Hi Ray,

      Good to connect.

      I’m fairly new on twitter and not really heard of this tool but from what you say it seems well worth looking into!

      Thanks for the post!


      • Ray

        Thanks for the comment. TweetAdder is the only tool I use and need
        to manage Twitter accounts. I recommend it highly.

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