Have you ever had an annoying little ad that keeps showing up on your screen? Maybe it is taking longer to access sites? Does your PC run a little slower than it did? Maybe there are too many files on the hard drive.

Well, yes I have had all of these and more. Frustrating at best and very confusing also. So, what to do? Ask your friends…get all kinds of answers.

Google and get all kinds of sites. Now we all have some security system protecting us from virus and other nasties that can infect our PC.

However, there are many tiny, small, little things that make their way on to our computers, sneak past the security in the dead of night and stow away on your Windows registry. How do I know if that really happened? Well, you really don’t.

The solution I have used is to run a registry cleaner. OK, fine, but where do I find one that works and is not too pricey? Good question. I suggest trying a product called PC Fix. It works, is not pricey and has a 14 day trial. You know after I ran my registry cleaner I was surprised at the difference it made.

It ran faster, downloaded faster. Actually, ran like it was new. So, I still run the cleaner every so often still. If you would like to see more of this, please visit this site. http://bit.ly/nQr9QV.

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