I want to preface this by noting that this is my opinion only, based on the hundreds of e-mails about marketing sent to me explaining why this is my opinion.

It seems evident to me that we all have a basic understanding of Internet Marketing (i.e.; niche, sales funnel, giveaways, etc.). However, when the subject turns to Traffic… that is where the road really narrows. New terms begin to appear, SEO, Solo Ads, Generic and the most thrown around term has to be ‘Targeted Traffic’. Now half of us say SEO is dead, the other half says it is doing great, while the rest of us just don’t know. Then we have SEO software that proposes to outsmart Google. Is that really possible?

Solo Ads are being advertised all over the net. How can you tell if their list is alive or burned out? Their previous stats tell us part of the story. Also, how many ads they ran tell us a little more also.  My question is…can anyone really provide targeted traffic? I suppose if one spends enough money on their ads, they should expect a decent ROI. The solo ad proponents say they always make more in sales than the cost of the ad. I am not convinced that is not the norm though. This comes from personal experience.

The ‘Gurus’ throw us all their analytical case studies and screen shots to back up their claims, while the WSO’s sell ‘The Best Traffic Source’ of the week for $9.43. Can you really believe any of this? Now, I have bought most all of the pre-mentioned methods and some that I left out. It seems to me that there is always a “piece” left out of their equation. Then along comes a seller that promises to have that “piece” to make it all work. Now, we can rest easy knowing that this is the real solution, right? Wrong again. If this were true, then the next “Traffic Saver” email or WSO would not appear the next day.

So, what do we do? I do not have the answer. However, I would like to suggest that the kind folks reading this to respond with their own opinions and ideas. After all, we are the buyers of all this traffic ‘stuff’. So, let’s hear your views.


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    • Travis friel

      I’m pretty new at web advertising so I’m not speaking with any aothority.From a human standpoint/consumer/sale! What I’m trying to say is that to many people now a days have been treated as profit cattle or victims of online scammers. I feel like if thier were more everyday Americans openly saying this works that’s the way to start. Words from a friend are worth more than any ad. It comes from people we know and interact with everyday and when we see it in front of us happening around us we tend to give it a little more attention.mabeu try a reality show start with some one who has nothing and follow them on thier journy make it lagitamit. That’s wheat I’m doing starting from the bottom hoping to be able to get to were I would like to be. P.s I’m copywriting the reality tv show on this lol

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