I believe the #1 question asked by IM folks is; “How can I get Help with List Building?  For me that is also my #1. This is not like solving world hunger, but at times they have a similarity. Probably a poor analogy, however both are still as frustrating.

To me this is an example of a Catch 22. You can’t attract traffic without a list and you can’t develop a list without traffic. So, what do we do? We read everything out on the net about it, try to figure if a product is worth buying and also attend webinars for more ideas.

Personally, I believe there is a missing link involved here. Some people know what it is and how to manipulate it to their advantage. Many IM  onliners say they have it and try to sell us on it with their products. Then it is up to the buyer to decide if it truly works by using it. I can not comment on what does and doesn’t work because I have not tried even a fraction of what is available. So, I continue my search.

I follow many blogs that I feel are giving accurate and honest tips on LB. One of my favorite bloggers is Kim Roach, sometimes referred to as the “Traffic Queen”. Personally, I like her approach and style of writing. She never talks down to you but talks to you, big difference. Now, she has  developed a unique traffic product called Traffic Dashboard.

Kim has unlocked her very best traffic strategies in a very usable format of a point-and-click design. I am convinced that this product will help my list building efforts advance rapidly.

There are just too many techniques that she uses to cover here. My suggestion would be to check it out for yourself, here.

There is a great giveaway going on at the Traffic Generation Cafe Blog, your ultimate hub for all things web traffic, where you can win your own copy of the hottest plugin release of the year – CommentLuv Premium. Participating is very easy: just visit Ana’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway page for more information.

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