We all hear the phrase “The Money’s in The List”. That is true to some extent. The real phrase should be,”Treat Your List Right and Make Money”. You see, we all try to have a list of people who have the same interests as us and would want to hear what we have to say.  Granted as we build our list we don’t really know anything about our subscribers at first. That is where the follow-up emails will help us to get to know our subscribers better.

The ideal method to entice someone to exchange their email address is to have a quality product to give to them in return. I think we all have been offered items of various upfront quality. Now, I am not saying that these offers are good or bad. I have signed up for many lists and received something of good value often. The reverse has also happened frequently.

My personal plan is to offer the best quality product I know of in a particular niche. That being said, I am offering a brand new product that no one has seen before. Actually, I may begin to sell this product at a later date. But for now, it is free and I want to see how it does. Now this product is an exclusive list building software package that has not been offered previously.

So, for anyone who would like to try it, please use this link. Thanks for reading.

All the best,

Ray Kelly

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    2 replies to "List Building….My Thoughts"

    • konrad

      Interesting post… Thanks! I’ve been wondering what would be best to offer my readers in exchange for their email address. What have you found to be valuable in the past, and what not so much? Would be good to know. Thanks Ray!

      • Ray

        Hi Konrad,
        I try to always offer quality content to my readers.
        Right now I am using list building software that was
        produced just for me. That way, I know my offer will
        not be “just another ebook” type.
        Thanks for the comment, appreciate it.

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